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The benefits of massage and body treatments

Massage is restorative... but it is first and foremost preventive ... they say that massage is a way of the future for health ... because the focus is on prevention and balance.

Concretely after a massage, you leave with:

- Reduction of muscle tention in the back and shoulder blades,
- decongestion of the neck and relaxation of the head and neck,
- liberation from leg fatique and foot sensitivity,
- and a better state of mind.

Massage brings the folowing benefits:

- Relieves back pain and improves sleep quality,
- helps in better digestion and promotes the flow of energy,
- removes toxins from the body and lightens the mood,
- is an emotional balm to remove the overflow of emotions,
- it stimulates blood circulation and allowing the body's cells to replenish in oxygen,
- relaxes muscles, reducing muscle tension avoiding and a number of pains and injuries,
- nourishes the skin with vitamin E oils using an almond based oil.


Massage center and body care offering hot stone massages, body treatments, reflexology, Reiki, body scrubs,exfoliations, self-awareness workshops, astrology workshop, astrology courses, stress management, relaxation workshops,
packages and gift certificates available in the regions of Bromont, Shefford, Brome, Cowansville, Waterloo, Granby, Saint-Alphonse, Adamsville, Fullford, Iron Hill Knowlton, Orford, Eastern Townships, Estrie, Quebec.