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Relaxation Workshops and Initiation to Astrology

Relaxation workshops
- Relaxation techniques, guided relaxation and visualisation.
- Deep breathing exercises.


Astrology Courses

Planetary symbolism at the service of humankind. Astrology's primarily goal as self-awareness; it promotes the development of the overall personality and development of our talents.

Level 1 - Introduction to Astrology (75 hours)
- The basics of astrological language. Notions of history and the evolution of astrology.
- Creation of the natal chart. Study of the great divisions of the chart.
- Study of the Zodiac: 12 signs, 12 houses.
- Study of the ten planets, major aspects. Concept of transit.

Level 2 - Interpretation and psychological approach (75 hours)
- Planets in signs and houses / Signs in houses / The analog universe.
- The planetary aspects: our behavioral patterns.
- Dominants, distribution and planetary configurations.
- Psychological portraits and astrological equivalences.

Level 3 - Transits, cycles and prediction techniques (75 hours)
- The planetary cycles.
- Forecasting techniques: transits, symbolic directions.
- Other techniques: Lunar revolution, solar and lunar eclipses, solar arcs directions.

The relaxation workshops and astrology classes are given in Granby and in Bromont.

Groups can be formed as soon as the required number of participants is reached.

To get your registration form contact:

Huguette Dubreuil


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packages and gift certificates available in the regions of Bromont, Shefford, Brome, Cowansville, Waterloo, Granby, Saint-Alphonse, Adamsville, Fullford, Iron Hill Knowlton, Orford, Eastern Townships, Estrie, Quebec.